Corfu Boat Hire

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Corfu boat hire

How does it work?

You simply choose the date, the boat that fits your needs and budget and you make the reservation.

How do I pay?

We support 3 ways of reservation. The 1st is realtime using PayPal. the 2nd is to submit your credit card details and we charge manually your credit card. The 3rd you come to our office which is opposite the Akrotiri Hotel and pay the deposit and book the boat!

What if I need to cancel?

In case you need to cancel we will refund only in case of bad weather. Other cancelations we evaluate and we may refund.

What happens if I break the boat?

In cases like this, we see the damage and we charge you on site. Some examples of broken propeller prices vary from 130 to 350 euro. Broken shaft starts from 850 euro plus the days that boat must be our of order.

Need to call us?

Call us now at +30 694-702-5117 or Email us at info(at)